Nutella Iced Coffee is now available at Eataly!


This cold summer just got a bit sweeter.

Eataly‘s Nutella Bar is now serving Nutella iced coffee, lattes and affogatos!

The Italian emporium teamed up with Italian coffee company Lavazza to create to cold drink recipes featuring everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread — now available to slurp through a straw!

Eataly’s Nutella beverage menu, to be enjoyed in house or to go, includes: 

  • Nutella Iced Coffee: Lavazza coffee blended with Nutella and served over ice ($4.25 for 12oz size)
  • Nutella Iced Latte: Lavazza espresso blended with Nutella and milk, served over ice ($4.75 for 12oz size)
  • Affogato alla Nutella: Fior di Latte gelato finished with Lavazza espresso and a drizzle of tempered Nutella ($8 for 12oz size)

Forget bikini season, we’re all about drinkable Nutella this summer.

Melissa Kravitz