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Everyman Espresso gets New Yorkers buzzed on coffee cocktails

Warm up with a Snow Day -- an

Warm up with a Snow Day -- an espresso hot toddy -- at Everyman Espresso. Photo Credit: Melissa Kravitz

There's nothing everyday about Everyman Espresso's coffee. 

Barista Sam Lewontin, champion of the 2015 Northeast Barista Competition, combines his passion for coffee with mixology, creating signature drinks at his SoHo coffee shop.

Like many a New Yorker, Lewontin adores both coffee and cocktails. "In the hospitality industry, it's always interesting to sit on the other side of the bar and see what works and what I can take," said Lewontin of going to bars himself.


The Espresso Old Fashioned

Enjoying an Old Fashioned one day led to an epiphany, inspiring Lewontin to create his Espresso Old Fashioned. The recipe changes by the season, but winter's version uses Haru espresso, simple syrup, Hopped grapefruit bitters and is stirred to bring out the natural acidity, sweetness and flavor profiles of his coffee beans. "I use other ingredients to highlight and emphasize the flavors of the coffee," said Lewontin. 

In barista competions, baristas are required to make a signature drink, often very difficult and usually "they also suck," according to Lewontin. Seeing these signature drinks on café menus is rare, due to their complexity, but this award-winning barista wanted to share his creations.

At Everyman Espresso, Lewontin has used atomizers of molasses and ginger syrup, rimmed glasses with ginger or orange peel and used classic cocktail making tools like shakers and a coup glass for his coffee cocktails. Sometimes even a quarter ounce of a single ingredient can completely change the taste of an espresso shot. "Bitterness is a great way to balance out sweetness," Lewontin said.

Originally hesitant that the trend would kick off, Lewontin saw a high demand for his coffee drinks during a pop-up at Bikini Bar and decided to take the menu to his SoHo coffeehouse.


Alcohol-free cocktails for New York

This winter, Lewontin created a new specialty coffee drink: the Snow Day. This “Espresso Toddy” is made from honey, lemon, floral pimento bitters and a double shot of Ethiopian Haru espresso, which gives off notes of lemongrass, ginger, and starfruit. 

But the comforting drink is a (somewhat) well-kept secret.

Like many local coffee shops, Everyman Espresso does not have a menu posted. Chat with the baristas before placing your order and they'll hand you the signature menu, featuring warm drinks like a house chai latte enhanced with Angostura bitters and a sweet Hong Kong style milk tea made with Hojicha, steamed milk and honey.

Encouraging conversation between baristas and coffee drinkers is part of Lewontin's passion for coffee. An encyclopedia of all things caffeniated, this barista is hopped up on coffee cocktails and always ready to chat about his methods!

For those giving up drinking for Dry-nuary or if you just want an extra buzz before you hit up the bar, stop into Everyman Espresso.


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