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Food, drink prices through the roof at Super Bowl XLVIII

Signs at MetLife concession stands advertised the high-priced

Signs at MetLife concession stands advertised the high-priced food and drink items for sale at this year's Super Bowl. Photo Credit: Newsday/Jim Baumbach

Fans attending Super Bowl XLVIII were spared no expense once settled within the confines of MetLife Stadium.

Signs at concession stands advertised $11 cups of hot chocolate -- $20 in a mug -- $9 for a souvenir soda and $12-$14 for a beer.

"I expected the prices to be up there," said David Peter, 27, of Vancouver, British Columbia. "I didn't know they'd be way up there."

Don't assume anything at the Super Bowl. Peter said his beer, in a normal-sized cup, ran him $14. "Premium, you know?" Peter said sarcastically about the Budweiser in his hand.

Annie and Jeff Strain, who made the trip from Seattle for their 20th wedding anniversary, said they paid $6,000 for two tickets in the upper deck, but that didn't make the concession prices easier to stomach.

"The thing that really burned me was it was, like, $7 for the water," Jeff Strain said.

"We did come in expecting to pay higher prices for things, but it seems a little excessive," Annie Strain added.

For a regular-season game at the Meadowlands, fans can expect to pay about $5 for a small draft beer, according to Business Insider. But this is the big game.

"It's double for a beer, double for pizza, double for anything," Peter said, comparing prices to back home.

On the other hand, the Strains and Peter all said money comes with the territory at the Super Bowl.

"When you think about what we paid for the tickets to be here, the ratio of what you pay for food compared to tickets is very, very low," Jeff Strain said.

Peter said spending the money is fine with him because it's a vacation and he was planning on buying more items.

"[I'll] try not to think about it," he said.


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