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Top food emoji on Twitter in 2017: Pizza, chocolate, cookie and more

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Top food emoji of 2017, according to Twitter,

Top food emoji of 2017, according to Twitter, include pizza, the chocolate bar, the cookie, the burger and the ice cream cone. Photo Credit: Apple

Pizza is the world’s favorite meal, snack and … food emoji of 2017, according to data released by Twitter Wednesday morning.

The second and third most commonly tweeted food emoji this year are the chocolate bar and the cookie, respectively. (Because no slice can satisfy completely without some kind of sweet finish.)

Rounding out the list of the top most popular gastronomic icons on the social media platform are all the essential junk and take-out foods New Yorkers rely on: the burger (4), vanilla ice cream cone (5), doughnut (6), taco (7), (Swiss) cheese wedge (8), fries (9) and sushi (10).

Absent from that list, but slated for imminent debut on iOS after the June release of version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard are such critical additions as the pretzel (a boon for all New York City tourists and Auntie Anne’s employees), the dumpling (a must on all your Manhattan, Flushing and Sunset Park Chinatown visits) and the sandwich (the office drone’s standard lunch).

In spite of that progress, we at amNewYork believe that too many food pictographs remain out of thumb’s reach. How many times have we typed the word “bagel,” only to be disappointed no image substitute materializes? What will it take to convince the masters of the Unicode universe to introduce a bag of chips emoji, or a pizza slice with a face. (Why should a pile of poo get human features, but not our favorite form of sustenance?)

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