Free Christina Tosi cereal and milk creations at the Kellogg’s Recharge Bar

The Momofuku Milk Bar chef is known for daring and delicious treats.

The Kellogg’s brand has brought in the holy grail of inventive baking for its NYC “Recharge Bar:” Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar.

Tuesday through Friday this week, head to 1701 Broadway at 54th Street for a taste of her “Cereal and Milk” creations. Kellogg’s is hosting the food pop-up to “educate families about the power of protein and grains found in a serving of Kellogg’s cereal and one cup of skim milk.”

Visitors can enjoy a free breakfast anytime between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tosi’s “unique and delicious combinations” include: The King, Banana Nut, Pistachio Lemon, Cinnamon-Apple, Berry Au-Lait and the Tropical Mermaid. If you want to know what that means, show up! Milk Bar’s famous Cereal Milk will be used in some of them, and so will ground coffee, lemon zest, almond butter and fruit, which Kellogg’s calls, “tasty, innovative flavor boosts.”

On Wednesday, the Roots will be there and on Friday, Tony the Tiger. Sign us up!

Georgia Kral