Free Stouffer’s mac and cheese in NYC

We can’t imagine a better Wednesday treat.

Clear your lunch hour Wednesday, free mac and cheese is on the way!

Stouffer’s, purveyors of what may be some of the finest frozen macaroni and cheese on this planet, will be providing New Yorkers with free mac and cheese on Wednesday, Sept. 17. 

The Stouffer’s Mac Truck will be at 329 Columbus Ave. (between 75th & 76th streets) from 12 – 3 p.m.

Off the freezer and onto the road, the Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese Food Truck has been traveling across the country to celebrate the release of its Mac Cups. The new single-size microwavable mac and cheese portions come in 2-packs (because of course you want two servings in one sitting) and are available in three flavors: Classic, White Cheddar & Bacon and Cheeseburger Mac. 

Stouffer’s has also been sharing a number of mac hacks, ways to make your microwavable mac and cheese even better (here’s a hack: add extra bacon), and toppings will be available to compliment your complimentary cheesy pasta. 

Melissa Kravitz