International Pancake Tuesday is on Feb. 17 and to celebrate, the power team of Dominique Ansel and Nutella are coming together again. (You remember last time? Nutella Cronut Holes? OMG.)

Yes, there will be free Nutella desserts made by the Cronut King.

On Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., expect massive lives and excited fans at Grand Central Terminal. Ansel has created a Nutella Pancake Cone for the occassion, and it will only be available for this one day. And if the Ansel masterpieces run out (they always do), there will also be other complimentary Nutella treats.

So if you have some extra time on Tuesday, swing by Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central. And if you commute through the Terminal, good luck avoiding the masses!