The future is here, and it’s a refrigerator that makes coffee

Next up: cereal and milk pouring fridges.

A fridge that makes your breakfast? This new concept isn’t so far off.

It may sound like a wacky GE Appliances pitch off an episode of “30 Rock,” but Jack Donaghy isn’t behind this real life invention

GE released a brand new refrigerator on Wednesday featuring a built-in coffee maker, because why should you even have to open your fridge to get breakfast? 

The GE Cafe Series French Door Refigerator comes equipped with a Keurig K-Cup® brewing system on the door, ready for any flavor of coffee pods you want your refigerator to make for you. 

And yes, this appliance really does make it for you, thanks to the hot water scheduling feature on the GE Kitchen App. 

The MSRP for this shiny new caffeinated fridge is $3300, but think of all the room you’ll save not needing an extra coffee maker sitting around. Plus, unlimited free hot water.

To put that expense in perspective, you could buy about 577 Grande Pumpkin Spice Lattes for the same price. Priorities. 

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