NYC’s best gluten-free pastas

Just because gluten is banned from your diet doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of pasta.

Giving up gluten can lead to enjoying a whole slew of new foods, but more importantly, perhaps, is the fact that pasta dishes can still be enjoyed. While wheat is obviously banned in gluten-free Italian dishes, corn, rice, chickpea flour, potato and quinoa are all used to make pastas with new textures and tastes — some even better than their glutinous originals. Yes, it’s true!

Rice pasta is reminiscent of Asian rice noodles, used in curries and stir fries, and offers a light carbohydrate that soaks up the sauce. Corn and quinoa pastas taste a bit nuttier and add another dimension to dishes with sauces that bring out the nutty flavor.

Even if you’re not gluten-free, celebrate pasta month with these tasty gluten-free pastas.

Melissa Kravitz