Google food searches: What New Yorkers most needed to know over the past year

When it comes to seeking out food online, New Yorkers opt for Chinese food and pizza above all else.

That’s perhaps not surprising to anyone who knows this city, where pizza and Chinese joints seem to line every block. But quinoa? Meatloaf? Banana bread? Those are some of the perhaps more offbeat findings on Google’s list of the top food-related searches in NYC over the past year, which the search giant is releasing Tuesday./

Stephanie Arnold, editor of the food blog NYCtastes, says city foodies are adventurous online, always seeking out new spins on their favorite foods. “These days, you have more resources you can get stuff online and look at videos online for step to step directions,” she said. 

Some New Yorkers said Google is a backup, but nothing more, when it comes to finding a place to eat. “I already know where the best Mexican food is,” said Aaron Nunez, 26, of the Bronx. These are the city’s top searches.