Halloween NYC: Burger King dresses as McDonald’s, Astoria’s William Hallet becomes Moe’s Tavern

Halloween costumes aren’t just for people (and their pets) anymore.

Restaurants are getting into the act this year, too — with at least two New York City spots transforming themselves into something else this Halloween season.

In Rego Park, a Burger King sought to scare its customers by dressing as its arch nemesis: McDonald’s.

The chain fast food joint was draped in a giant white sheet, with two holes cut out the way a kid might cut out a spot for his eyes in a ghost costume. The golden arches and the word McDonald’s were spray-painted on the sheet.

Beneath it, the restaurant’s marquee read: “Booooo!”

“Just kidding,” it continued, “we still flame-grill our burgers.”

But Burger King — known for its offbeat marketing — isn’t the only place in town that’s decided to transform itself in honor of the holiday.

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