‘Keeping up with the Cowdashians’

One butcher is really milking in the Kardashians’ success.

One butcher is really milking the Kardashians’ success.

Great British Meat Company, a U.K. based online butcher, has created a reality show about their cows to boost publicity.

‘Keeping up with the Cowdashians’, a two-minute video featuring Kim Cowdashian looking at herself in the water trough and licking her rump, features the five Cowdashian cows, but no Cownye, yet.

While we’re not really condoning comparing cows to women, the poke at America’s celebrity culture is indeed laughable.

The Cowdashians have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, with another episode of bovine drama coming soon.

Spoiler: we’re pretty sure the Cowdashians will become Steakdashians at some point…

Melissa Kravitz