‘Mad Men’-themed lounge and ‘Hunger Games’-inspired bakery coming to Times Square

It might actually be worth braving the Times Square crowds in 2019.

A “Mad Men”-themed restaurant and lounge and a “Hunger Games”-inspired bakery are coming to Times Square in 2019.

Both projects are slated to open at 11 Times Square inside Lionsgate Entertainment City, a forthcoming indoor theme park that will feature attractions based on several of the production company’s films and TV shows, according to a news release published last week.

The eatery inspired by “Mad Men” — a popular AMC show depicting the world of Madison Avenue advertising firms in 1960s New York — will take its cue from that elegant era, transporting would-be Don and Betty Drapers back to the days when three-martini lunches and desk-side scotch cabinets were the norm.

There’s no word yet as to what the menu at the restaurant will look like.

Visitors also will be able to satisfy their sweet tooths at “Peeta’s Bakery and The Capitol Confectionary,” which is named for the “Hunger Games” character Peeta Mellark, a baker’s son selected to fight in the fantasy series’ central tournament. (Fun fact: The name of Peeta’s country, Panem, means “bread” in Latin.)

Lionsgate’s theme park will also include: a “Hunger Games” flying simulator; a “Divergent”-themed obstacle course; a “John Wick: Chapter Two” ride where fans can shoot at a series of assailants; a theater hosting 4D films and live shows; and virtual reality experiences.

A spokeswoman for Lionsgate could not provide a specific date for the park’s opening.

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