Magnolia Bakery now makes chocolate bars

Your favorite pastry makers now make candy!

Your favorite pastry is now a candy.

Magnolia Bakery, known for sweet treats like cupcakes and banana pudding, is expanding its sweet tooth palate. The famed bakery is breaking into the candy business with new chocolate bars.

Flavors are inspired by Magnolia Bakery favorites, including Banana Pudding, Lemon Bar and Red Velvet chocolate bars.

The Banana Pudding bar, though not filled with the actual creamy pudding, combines crunchy vanilla wafers with freeze-dried banana bits, incorporating the essence of the famous dessert in a milk chocolate bar. The lemon bar is interpreted similiarly, made with dark chocoalte, lemon zest and sea salt.

Six signature flavors, all made in Brooklyn especially for Magnolia, will retail for $5.25 each at all bakery locations and at starting September 21.

Melissa Kravitz