Make François Payard’s chocolate truffles for Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day on a Saturday this year, why not opt for a night in instead of fighting the NYC crowds?

Chef Francois Payard believes that there’s nothing more romantic than a homemade chocolate– but he doesn’t go around popularizing that theory: it’s bad for business!

His Grand Cru Chuao Truffles are available at Francois Payard patisseries, but try your hand at making this easy treat for a sweetheart.

The key to a successful chocolate is high quality ingredients. Try chef-recommended lepicerie.com, New York Cake and Bake or your local specialty food store.


17 ounces (482 grams) Valrhona Grand Cru Chuao chocolate, finely chopped

2½ tablespoons (50 grams) light corn syrup

2 cups (464 grams) heavy cream

1 fresh vanilla bean


9 ounces (255 grams) bittersweet chocolate, chopped

1?cups (157 grams) unsweetened alkalized cocoa powder

Special Equipment:

Pastry Bag with a 1?4-Inch Plain Tip (Such as Ateco #2)

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