‘Pizza for all!’ Vinnie’s selling pride slice

Celebrate marriage equality with pizza.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is celebrating equality in the best way: with pizza!

“I made it, just in celebration of the fact,” said co-owner Sean Berthiaume, who is known for creative toppings (remember pizza on pizza?!). “But if anyone requests it I will absolutely make it. Pizza for all!”

The “Pizza Pride” slice is topped with the colors of the rainbow: red (roasted peppers), orange (cheddar cheese), yellow (pineapple), green (bell peppers), blue (blueberries) and purple (red onions) and costs $4.


“It’s strangely hard to find blue food,” Berthiaume said. “But if they want to eat it, that’s their right.”

Just like marriage!

Berthiaume said the choice is yours: if you don’t want blueberries, just replace them with what appeals to you. 

Vinnie’s, 148 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg and 253 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint.

Georgia Kral