Milk Bar’s Thanksgiving Croissant is back!

A whole Thanksgiving feast is stuffed in a single pastry.

If you’re already craving a turkey dinner, look no further than Milk Bar, the sister bakery to Momofuku restaurants. 

Christina Tosi’s totally genius and delicious Thanksgiving Croissant returns to Milk Bar menus October 28 and will be available all month long. If only November had 31 days. We advise making room in your freezer towards the end of the month though Milk Bar says the Thanksgiving Croissant keeps best in a refrigerator… 

Milk Bar’s Thanksgiving Croissant is made with stuffing flavored dough filled with in-house roasted turkey, homemade gravy and a sweet cranberry sauce, served warm. All the flavors of a Thanksgiving feast culminate in one bite– plus, you can eat it with your hands. 

Thanksgiving Croissants retail for $7 but the way to go is with a $10 Meal Deal, which includes a side (read: a cookie) and a drink (read: hot chocolate with flavored marshmallows). 

Prepare to get truly stuffed this November. 

Melissa Kravitz