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Natural wine bars in NYC: Where to sip organic vino

Finding a wine bar in New York is sometimes easier than finding a parking spot. But there can be more to the experience than run-of-the-mill sauvignon blanc. Enter natural wines.

While some might argue that no wine is natural (it’s manipulated to become what it is) or that all wine is natural (it comes from grapes, after all), the definition of “natural” wines goes deeper than that. Wines in this category are those made by producers who use little intervention in the winemaking process. This may mean handpicking, no additives, no added sulfur at bottling, no filtering or fining, and usage of native yeasts for fermentation. Such wines are almost exclusively organic or biodynamic (a farming method ruled by the phases of the moon, among other criteria).

Sounds science-y? A bit. But natural wines often display a sense of care, terroir and typicity. Some can be a bit funky (or downright strange), while others are sheer beauty. Our recommendation for discovering the world of natural wines: Head to one of the following seven bars where you can sample everything from crisp French sparklers to big, earthy American reds.

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