It's Italian food moguls vs. Brooklyn shop owners.

Nuteria, Park Slope's Nutella focused cafe is not pleasing their patron food: Nutella.

After the Fifth Avenue shop changed their original name from Nutelleria to Nuteria in November, postponing plans to open months before, it seemed the cafe could be in the clear from legal troubles.

Nutella is suing Nutelleria for using a name too similar to their product, according to a report in the Daily News on Thursday.. Ferraro, Nutella's owner seeks monetary damages and a change of name for the Park Slope eatery.

Nuteria's website states, "Nuteria is in no way associated with Ferrero U.S.A. Inc. and is independently owned. Nutella® is served at our shoppe with the finest crepes or in other creative configurations."

Despite this disclaimer, Nuteria sells plenty of Nutella-laced creations, from crepes to waffles to hot chocolate and maintains an online store selling Italian Nutella products.