Where to eat vegetables in New York City right now

In winter, comfort food reigns supreme. But lately, New York City has been all about the vegetable.

From entirely vegetarian kitchens to menus that give veggies some serious attention, restaurants all across the city are proving that the days of bland tofu and tempeh are in the past.

“Too often, chefs get a pass on making boring vegetables and they’re only expected to exercise their creativity with meat,” said chef Amanda Cohen, whose vegetable restaurant Dirt Candy was so popular, she recently relocated from an 18 seater in the East Village to a Lower East Side spot that’s triple the size. “We want to show that cucumbers can be roasted, that onions and chocolate are an amazing combination and that vegetables can be just as fun, exciting and decadent as anything else.”

Forget meat — here’s where to eat vegetarian in NYC right now.