Pete Wells’ Per Se review: How the 2-star restaurant should emulate Senor Frog’s

New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells’ pretty much panned Thomas Keller’s Per Se in his two-star review published Tuesday.

Do you hear ribbiting in the background? That’s the gloating of Señor Frog and his friends croaking in laughter at their success with Wells in his December review.

Wells dubbed the Mexico-based chain “Spring Break Forever,” asking, “Señor Frog’s, where have you been all my life?” while the highly acclaimed (formerly four-star!) and pricey Per Se “Slips and Stumbles,” not “worth the time and money.

Can the $325 prix-fixe menu rival the invaluable memories of a conga line at Señor Frog’s?

We have a few suggestions for Per Se to re-gain Wells’ and New Yorkers’ affections.

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