Pope Francis’ visit to NYC should be blamed for food delivery delays, Seamless says

Don’t even think of getting your papal pizza delivered.

Don’t even think of getting your papal pizza delivered. 

We’ve received word from Seamless, which is basically the pope of NYC food delivery, that Pope Francis’ imminent arrival may not be great for your takeout Indian dinner. 

The restaurant-ordering site will communicate with restaurants in the areas affected by the pope’s visit to keep systems updated with accurate delivery times. Some restaurants will change their hours and delivery options based on street closures. 

“We hope diners will be patient as alternate routes may cause orders to take longer than normal, given the possibility of street closures impacting the route taken by their delivery person,” said a representative for Seamless. “We also encourage diners to be available via phone for real time updates from drivers.”

Yeah, you have to order food over the phone now.

Too bad the Popemobile can’t also carry some takeout boxes. 

Melissa Kravitz