Pumpkin Spice Latte Burger is a thing at Umami Burger

Will pumpkin spice ever end?!

Will pumpkin spice ever end?! It doesn’t seem like it.

In the latest twist on how to fall-ify everything, Umami Burger has introduced a pumpkin spice latte burger to its menu. Sounds crazy on the surface but the ingredients have us excited and salivating.

Here’s what’s on it: Umami’s signature beef patty, garlic aioli, tempura Kabocha squash (an Asian winter squash that’s also referred to as a Japanese pumpkin), spiced Mascarpone and a coffee glaze. Can you detect the umami mouth feel already?

The burger will be available at participating Umami Burger locations, and that includes the NYC location at 432 Sixth Ave. in Greenwich Village. The burger is $4 on Wednesday, Nov. 5 and $12 everyday after that, until supplies last.

God bless the season of the pumpkin spice. 

As one “Umami Burger regular” said:

“OH MY GOD. I can’t. I just can’t even. It’s so good. I am literally dying.”

Fair enough.

Georgia Kral