Ramen doughnuts exist! (And they look pretty tasty)

The Ramnut, a doughnut made of instant ramen noodles has arrived, and it looks glorious.

With all the doughnut mash-ups and ramen mash-ups out there, it’s surprising that November 2014 brings the first-ever ramen doughnut!

The Ramnut, a creation by food blogger Culinary Bro-Down combines instant noodles, horchata, a deep frier and various filling and frostings to make this ultimate mash-up.

The 21-year-old blogger and UCLA student explains in his post that he spent 12 hours developing the recipe because ” I don’t want to consume food culture, I want to produce it.”

Culinary Bro-Down provides readers with a recipe to recreate the Ramnut, but is it even worth it?

“They’re starchy, they’re crispy, they’re covered in frosting and stuffed with custard…I enjoyed them in my mouth,” the bro blogger explains. He also claims to use an empty Smirnoff handle as a rolling pin and make vinaigrettes out of energy drinks, so we’ll take his culinary preferences with a grain of salt. Or sugar. 


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