Reality food show chefs open NYC restaurants

Food TV addicts will probably agree that the only thing worse than missing an episode of your favorite cooking competition show is watching it all the way through and not being able to taste the dish you now crave.

TNT cooked up a new food show, Emeril Lagasse’s “On the Menu” which features home cooks battling for the opportunity to have their recipe served in chain restaurants all over America. After each episode airs every Friday, diners around the country can head to their local chain eatery and order the dish they just salivated over for the past forty-two minutes.

While New Yorkers aren’t always so fond of places that can be found outside of our five boroughs, the show does intrigue us to think about what all that rapid-fired food on a slew of competitive cooking shows over the past decade actually tastes like.

Plenty of reality TV stars have amassed their fame in New York City kitchens and opened restaurants that have become viable eateries in the New York dining landscape. Dress in your Padma Lakshimi finest and visit these restaurants run by former “Top Chef”, “Master Chef” and “Iron Chef America” contestants to see if what you watched is really as tasty as it looked in HD.

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