Sabbia, Eataly’s new rooftop, takes you to a sky-high Italian seaside paradise

From ski chalet to Italian coastal lounge, Eataly’s rooftop has transformed yet again.

The newest rendition of the 14th-floor bar and restaurant: Sabbia, an Italian seaside haven just far enough from the bustle of Fifth Avenue to let you unwind and almost hear the waves of the Italian Riviera. Better yet, a retractable roof lets beach-bar goers enjoy the ambience regardless of the weather.

Lounge chairs, cabanas and a menu straight out of the sea make Sabbia the perfect summer beach destination — Bonus: no messy sand! Double bonus: servers bringing delicious Italian food and beverages.

Take a sneak peek before it officially opens at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

Melissa Kravitz