Shake Shack ChickenShack sandwiches sold out already

The sandwich will be back in Brooklyn Shack’s on July 16.

Good things disappear.

But luckily, they often return. Such is the case with the new chicken sandwich that everyone is talking about – no, not David Chang’s fuku – but rather Shake Shack’s ChickenShack!

After just two days, and at only three locations, the ChickenShack fried chicken sandwich is all gone. 

“Thanks for the beyond epic response@shakeshack fans! #chickenshack likely runs out later tonight but will return to BK Shacks next week,” CEO Randy Garutti posted on Instagram.

So if you couldn’t get to a Brooklyn Shack in the past two days, and had planned to check the sandwich out this weekend, well… womp womp.

The ChickenShack is an antibiotic-free chicken breast sandwich with pickles, lettuce and buttermilk-herb mayo. It was always only going to be on sale for a limited time, but two days?! The masses have spoken. 

Buzzy, fried chicken sandwiches FTW!

Georgia Kral