Slice of the Week: Pizza Burger at Black Tap

Potato roll bun > crust.

Pizza and burgers have become one.

This week’s slice is a sandwich.

Black Tap (529 Broome St.) debuted The Pizza Burger this week, making dreams come true for anyone ready to sink their all-American palates into this cheesey, meaty and saucey creation.

The Pizza Burger is made with a Pat LaFrieda beef patty, topped with a thick slice of fresh Italian mozzarella, shaved parmesan and tomato sauce.

Served on a soft potato bun by Martin’s, this decadent creation is perfect for those notorious for leaving crust on the plate.

Like any good pizza, or burger, the Pizza Burger can also be enhanced with toppings including a fried egg, bacon, avocado, and, of course, extra cheese. Truffle Aioli can also be slathered atop the meltiness.

Why go for a slice when you can have a whole pizza sandwich?


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Melissa Kravitz