Starbucks delivery service coming to some cities

Sometimes walking to Starbucks, even if there are two on your block, just seems like too much work. And in this life, sometimes laziness gets rewarded.

One day soon, you may be able to get that latte delivered.

Starbucks has announced it will launch delivery service in select U.S. cities starting in the second half of next year. Where applicable, customers will be able to use a Starbucks app on their smartphone to purchase food and drinks for delivery. Previously, Starbucks also announced the ability to place pick-up orders through the app to cut back on time spent in the store, according to the Associated Press.  

Howard Schultz, Starbucks Chairman and CEO, said the company is pushing customers toward using the mobile app in a more functional way to match consumers’ growing preference for online shopping.

“We are witnessing a significant cultural shift in the way people buy things in America,” he told CNBC after first announcing the service in a conference call for the media on the company’s fourth quarter earnings. “As a result of that, every bricks and mortar retailer is going to have to create new ways of driving traffic. We are in the sweet spot of that.”

The Seattle-based company will launch a new mobile order and pay app in Portland and nationwide next year, according to CNBC.com, but company executives declined to give other details.  

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