Starbucks Express is now serving quick coffee in FiDi

Surprising news: there’s a new Starbucks in town!

Surprising news: there’s a new Starbucks in town!

But this Starbucks is a little different.

The first Starbucks Express has come to FiDi at 14 Wall St.

Not unlike an airport Starbucks, this new concept is designed for customers on-the-go “who want high-quality Starbucks products in a beautiful environment, coupled with the efficiency that comes with knowing what they want, quickly,” states the company.

An “espresso-shot” of a Starbucks — that is fast, condensed and caffeineted, Starbucks plans to open four more express stores in NYC this year.

Starbucks Express, which is 538 square feet, doesn’t have tables for loitering customers with laptops but rather a cashier greeting customers at the door, to help Wall St. traders (or more likely their assistants) get in and out as fast as possible.

Knowing you want a skim iced caramel macchiato with one pump of vanilla will speed up the process and you can be in and out of Starbucks Express quicker than you can say java chip Frappuccino.

Melissa Kravitz