Is NYC ready for a blue Starbucks Hanukkah cup?

“L’chaim!” — Starbucks baristas everywhere. Maybe.

It’s the festival of lattes!

The recent uproar over Starbucks’ newest holiday cups has led the Internet to new levels of creativity.

Plenty of red cups altered with Photoshop, meme generators and good old markers and pens have circulated the Internet, but one stands out as a real potential Starbucks option: the blue Hannukah cup. 

The Jewish Federation of San Diego County shared a digitally altered images of a blue Starbucks cup sporting a white Hannukah menorah, with sharp lines and bold colors similar to Starbucks’ graphic style.

“Problem solved,” the federation captioned the photo, which has gained over 66,660 likes and almost 57,000 shares since the image was shared on Tuesday. 

Facebook comments range from self-identified Christians praising the cup design to other fans requesting a Starbucks Hannukah blend and requests for a printable cup wrapper to use in real life. 

Starbucks currently offers several Christmas and seasonally themed giftcards, but has no Hannukah items in its stores or online shop. 

Perhaps in the true holiday spirit of all of this cup commotion, the federation also reminded fans that a $6 donation to feed the hungry, about the price of a venti holiday latte, can go a lot further than 20 ounces of artifically sweetened espresso and milk. 


Melissa Kravitz