Drunk Taylor Swift fans wreak havoc at Ballaro, still owe $500 for unpaid tab

Ballaro got bad blood with some drunken guests.

Taylor Swift’s wildest dreams may not have predicted this horrific fan behavior.

A group of rowdy fans demanded the artists songs be played at an East Village restaurant over the weekend but got downright destructive when it was turned off. The group of about 15 people were eating at Ballaro on Second Avenue on Sunday night, boisterously insisting the restaurant play the “1989” singer’s music.

From there it got “Bad Blood” messy, according to one of the owners.

“They were screaming ‘BOO, YOU SUCK!’ at me and my wait staff because Taylor Swift wasn’t playing on our sound system,” one of the restaurant’s owners, Denyse Santoro, said in a Facebook post, adding: “I know that I was offended, degraded and treated like [EXPLETIVE]by a group of 15 drunk people without any valid reason.”

Santoro wrote that she then put on two of Swift’s songs to appease the group, but it only got worse when the songs ended. 

“They started screaming that the songs I played weren’t the right one and I was told that, ‘this place is,[EXPLETIVE] the music and the people here suck,'” Santoro wrote. “I was then told to, ‘go back to your country with that [EXPLETIVE]immigrant face.'”

The group was then asked to leave despite their $500 tab remaining unpaid. The next day, Santoro wrote she arrived at work to the message “We do not play Taylor Swift here you [EXPLETIVE]grazie” written in chalk outside the restaurant. 

On Monday the restaurant put up a sign outside encouraging making love viral, quoting Taylor Swift’s song “Safe and Sound.” Santoro said she would welcome an apology and said she would like the group to pay their tab.

New York City Global Ambassador Taylor Swift has yet to comment on the event.

Melissa Kravitz