The Donutccino: Gossip Coffee in Astoria is home to the latest food craze

The Donutccino is about to make you a morning person.

Gossip Coffee’s Donutccino is about to make you a morning person.

The Astoria coffee shop, which opened last July, added a new iced coffee to its menu last week, and it’s giving the rainbow bagel a run for its money. 

Chef Scottish Francis’ homemade doughnuts are the icing on top of this caffeine-filled creation. The drink comes with one (or more) mini doughnuts around the straw and is topped off with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate.

Chef Francis, who won the “Donut Challenge” on season five of Fox’s “MasterChef,” whips up doughnuts in a variety of flavors at the shop, including Prosciutto Guinness, Maraschino Cherry, Nutella Almond and Limoncello Poppyseed — all of which are featured on the Donutccino. 

Gossip Coffee says it has sold more than 300 Donutccinos since the new drink’s debut. But the coffee alone isn’t what’s bringing New Yorkers in for a taste: It’s the presentation. 

The drink took off on social media after being featured on the INSIDER Food Facebook page Tuesday.

Would you try it?

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