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The Great Canadian Beer Hall at Dirt Candy lets you pretend you’ve left the country

So you’re thinking about moving to Canada.

It’s a common sentiment for about half the country after any presidential election, and perhaps more so this year. But while you’re researching how you can get Canadian citizenship (spoiler alert: it’s not easy at all), the team over at Dirt Candy is giving you a way to try out the Great White North for a day: The Great Canadian Beer Hall.  

Dirt Candy owner Amanda Cohen has been transforming the veggie-focused Lower East Side restaurant into an ode to her homeland every Monday night, when the restaurant is normally closed. 

If you want a taste of living in Canada, this is it. The agenda includes airing hockey games, pouring Canadian beer and whiskey, and serving up Canadian food. The menu will include the French Canadian classic poutine, Nanaimo bars (a no-bake dessert that hails from that British Columbia city), spicy maple broccoli and beaver tails — a fried dough pastry covered in your choice of Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, or cinnamon sugar. Bloody Caesars — the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary, typically made with vodka, clam juice, tomato juice, lime, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt — will also be served.

Channel Canadian niceness by ordering “An Apology” (a Molson and a shot of Crown Royal for $8) or “A Really Sincere Apology” (a Molson, a shot of Crown Royal and a shot of Canadian Club for $10).

If that’s not Canadian enough for you, episodes of “Degrassi” will be airing in the bathrooms.

If your experience pretending to live in Canada leaves you wanting more, there will also be applications for Canadian citizenship available upon request.

In her online announcement of the venture, Cohen summed it up this way: “No matter how scary the world gets, Canada will always be your friend.”

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