Celebrity chefs recreated the Titanic’s final first class meal

Iceberg lettuce wasn’t even on the menu.

But a luxurious 10 courses made up the Titanic’s last first-class dinner, served on April 14, 1912, just hours before the 11:40 p.m. collision with an iceberg.

To celebrate the debut of Liberty Science Center’s Titanic artifacts exhibition opening Oct. 31, celebrity chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Donatella Arpaia recreated every dish off a menu served on the Titanic’s very last night afloat.

While some recipes went down with the ship, the two chefs recreated a meal designed for a time when decadence was more important than waistlines and dining sans Instagram was the main event.

A first-class ticket on the Titanic cost the equivalent of about $60,000 today, but you can jump on ship for free to revisit the last meal on board. A $23,000 unsinkable cracker not included.

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