Where to load up on lobster this summer

What food is more emblematic of summer than lobster?

“People crave it,” says Cull & Pistol Chef Dave Seigal, whose lobster rolls are the restaurant’s biggest sellers by far. “They want that butter-toasted, warm bun and succulent lobster meat.”

Sure, ice cream, Mexican street corn and guacamole could also give lobster a run for its money. But lobster is so popular in the warmer months, restaurants almost can’t meet the demand.

“We sell out [of lobster rolls] almost every night,” says Distilled Chef Shane Lyons, who hauls in 80-100 lobsters a week now and estimates he’ll have to soon bump it up to around 120. “There’s nothing better than having a lobster roll on a sunny day, sitting down with a cocktail outside.”

If you’re looking to mark summer with some succulent lobster, here’s a look at some crustacean-tastic dishes from around the city — including lobster rolls and beyond.

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