Whole Paycheck is now selling 25-cent breakfasts

All you need is a quarter to caffeinate.

Forget Whole Paycheck! 

Whole Foods Market is letting New Yorkers save a little money, starting Wednesday, to celebrate their Customer Appreciation Month, also known as Love Fest, because why not? 

From October 14-27, customers can purchase a small oatmeal from the hot bar until 10 a.m. for only 25-cents! 

Then from October 28 – November 3, 12 oz cups of Allegro brewed tea or coffee will be sold for 25-cents all day. 

The promotion follows at 25-cent coffee offer in September, during which Whole Foods Market sold more than 1.2 million 12-oz cups for a quarter, averaging 57,117 sold per day.

People really like their (almost) free caffeine! 

Love Fest will also include weekly in-store deals, like $1 yogurt specials and surprise giveaways.

Whole Foods has eight Manhattan locations and one store in Brooklyn. 

Living in NYC isn’t cheap, but we’re happy to save a little when possible! 

Melissa Kravitz