15 NYC women who are changing the food & beverage industry

“There is a general dude humor in the kitchen where if you’re not used to it, it’s crude,” she said. [You just need to say] “Pretend I’m your sister. Would you say that to your mother?”

But while there are also a lot more women in kitchens now, she said, old stereotypes can pop up from time to time.

“There’s that boundary of when you’re angry you’re a bitch. When you’re assertive it’s that time of the month.”

Daoheung embraces it.

“For me, if they’re gonna think that,” she said. “Whatever.”

And she has clearly proven herself with that attitude. She’s in charge, and Black Seed is expanding at a clip. The next location in the East Village should open by the end of May. –GK

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Photo Credit: GEORGIA KRAL

Women in food is a constantly discussed topic in certain circles, but like in other industries before it, women are taking over and the conversation is moving from niche to mainstream.

Indeed, all over New York City female chefs, sommeliers and butchers are taking lead roles in kitchens and food establishments, and are experiencing greater gender equality firsthand. The “boy’s club” is disappearing.

There are a number of female celebrity chefs working in NYC that we know and love, from Alex Guarnaschelli to Amanda Freitag. Then there are the chefs/owners who have made a name for themselves with their restaurants, including Anita Lo (Annisa) and Gabrielle Hamilton (Prune.) We wanted to shine a light on up and comers in New York City kitchens who are plying their trade everyday, some on the line and some pouring wine.

These rising stars are worth getting to know.

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