You wouldn't believe how much thought went into this one breakfast sandwich.

Du's Donuts and Coffee, the Williamsburg sweets shop at the shiny new William Vale hotel, is introducing an egg sandwich alongside its daily roster of imaginatively flavored cake doughnuts Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m., and its basic elements are as follows: scrambled eggs, bacon bits, cream cheese, Land O' Lakes American cheese and two slices of Martin's potato bread.

But any creation by science-driven chef Wylie Dufresne — a culinary star whose perhaps most iconic dish is his deconstructed take on Eggs Benedict — is bound to be a thoughtful one. The gastronomical wizard takes months to test and tweak all aspects of his latest recipes, making each ingredient and step deliberate. His latest could be no ordinary egg sandwich. 

"This is his casual approach to eggs, which is still chef-minded, but also rooted in what he likes to eat and where he gets egg sandwiches," Sarah Hermalyn, a spokeswoman for Du's Donuts, told us when we set off to investigate.

Here's what else we learned about Dufresne's latest hybrid invention, part-egg sandwich and part grilled cheese:


  • Dufresne is drawing on two model egg sandwiches as inspiration: one he eats regularly at Joe Jr., a tiny diner on Third Avenue, and another he orders all the time from a 24-hour deli on Second Avenue, Gramercy Food Market. "He's really just a fan of the compact, portable egg sandwich with soft scrambled eggs," Hermalyn said.



  • Then there's the matter of cheese. The cream cheese, Hermalyn explained, is whipped into the scrambled eggs to enhance their fluffiness. And the American cheese, for Dufresne, is the "best melty kind," she added.


  • A Du's Donuts egg sandwich with bacon, bits of which are mixed into the eggs, costs $4.75. The meatless version is 50 cents cheaper.


  • The portable breakfast sandwich will be available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., or while supplies last. Don't count on it as your weekend hangover cure.