Carranza deputy chief of staff cuffed for child sex crime attempt in Wisconsin

David Hay photo via LinkedIn

David Hay, who served as deputy chief of staff to Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, was arrested in Wisconsin Sunday on charges of attempting to facilitate a child sex crime, The New York Times reported. 

The city Department of Education official was arrested at a Milwaukee airport after an ongoing investigation by the Neenah, WI Police Department, according to the Times.  The town of less than 30,000 people lies between Milwaukee and Green Bay. 

 “These allegations are incredibly disturbing and absolutely unacceptable,” said DOE spokesperson Miranda Barbot. The DOE immediately fired Hays after the arrest. “We referred this to the Special Commissioner of Investigation and we will fully comply with any investigation.”

A spokesperson for the DOE added that Hay did not have regular contact with students in his role. 

Hay, a Wisconsin native, was a principal in two of the state’s districts before being hired by the city’s Department of Education in 2016 where he has served under both Chancellor Carranza and former chancellor Carmen Fariña.

Hay could not be reached for comment. 

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