If Alec Baldwin hasn’t blocked you on Twitter, you’re basically nobody

But why, Alec, why?!

Alec Baldwin blocking you on Twitter is the new Amanda Bynes calling you ugly on Twitter, and @amNewYork has joined the club.

While we’re flattered, in a way, we’re left looking for answers.

It’s no secret that Alec Baldwin isn’t a fan of the media. He doesn’t really like New York, either. He does, however, get kicks from blocking “kneejerk ne’er-do-wells” of both the liberal and right-wing variety, according to one of his latest tweets… so maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised by this at all.  Still, we wish Alec would fill us in on the breaking point that caused this rift in our social media friendship. Here are some possibilities we came up with:

1. That time we reported on him tearing up in court

Excerpt: On his way out of court, Baldwin’s famously testy side showed, the News reported, as he told a Post photographer with whom he has scuffled before: “I hope you choke to death.” (Nov. 12, 2013)

2. That time we reported on his rant against the entire city of New York

Excerpt: Alec Baldwin is done with it all. New York, MSNBC, the rest of media, fame, paparazzi, everything. So how is he saying goodbye? In private, moving with his wife and new baby and laughing as the paparazzi tries to stake out his old apartment? Nope, it’s in a 5,000-word rant in New York magazine that the actor says, “I probably have to move out of New York.” (Feb. 24, 2014)

3. That time we reported on him tweeting an “apparent homophobic remark”

Excerpt: Things turned heated as the two traded insults back and forth, escalating when Baldwin posted, “You’re on your knees in that photo. What’s up with that, Garrett?” in reference to Jackson’s Twitter avatar. “Come on. Being a homophob [sic]has gotten you in enough trouble,” Jackson responded. (April 9, 2014)

4. That time we reported on his NYC bike arrest

Excerpt: Alec Baldwin was arrested yesterday in Manhattan when he allegedly got belligerent with cops after he was stopped for riding his bike the wrong way and not having his identification on him, police said. “New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign,” he wrote in a tweet that was deleted. (May 13, 2014)

5. That time we reported on him being patronized by a judge

“Can you stay out of trouble, Alexander?” judge Delury asked before granting Baldwin an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) — as long as he promised to “be a good boy from now on.” (July 24, 2014)

What do you think did it? VOTE IN OUR POLL (yes, seriously).

Once we finished debating this, we started thinking about all the others who have fallen victim to Baldwin’s Twitter blocking spree. We decided to look around for people to commiserate with. We already knew about Gothamist: “Even @gothamist turns when it suits their purposes. You deserve @jesswarriner,” the @ABFoundation handle tweeted. Ouch.

(Like us, reporter Jessica Warriner seemed to enjoy it: “Ugh worst part about being blocked by Alec Baldwin is not being able to RT/fav his sick burns,” she tweeted.)

But it didn’t end there.

“Alec Baldwin blocked me on Twitter. I feel accomplished?” —@SteveSypa

Some, like us, were left wondering.

“I just found out I’m blocked by Alec Baldwin and I honestly have no idea why, lol!” — @TheRealRothman

Others had a pretty solid idea of what might have irked him.

“For 4 years, I have been tweeting Alec Baldwin and complimenting his acting for movies he wasn’t in. Yesterday, he blocked me. #sad” —@KLSouth

Some were a little too overjoyed.

“Alec Baldwin just blocked me. No matter how the rest of my day turns out this is the best day of my life.” —@Sleepyjoe55

And, of course, there were those feeling left out.

“I want to be blocked by @alecbaldwin. Please. Love, very poor person.”–@nomad_innewyork

Conclusion: Whatever caused this, at least we can sleep at night knowing that anyone who’s anyone has been blocked by Alec Baldwin on Twitter, and we are part of the in crowd. Thanks for the boost in social status, Al.

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