Alec Baldwin sounds off on HarperCollins after ‘several typos’ found in ‘Nevertheless’

He issued more than 20 corrections on Monday.

Whether or not you’ve got around to reading Alec Baldwin’s newest memoir “Nevertheless,”  you’re probably aware that there are “several typos and errors” in the text, according to the author himself. 

Baldwin has been sounding off about the mistakes on Facebook since the “Nevertheless” page’s creation earlier this month. The “SNL” Trump impressionist went off on HarperCollins on Monday night, issuing more than 20 corrections

“As I reported earlier, at the launch of my book, I found that the publishers (HarperCollins) had left intact numerous typos and editorial omissions when the book went to print,” Baldwin wrote. “I would like to offer this index of corrections merely for the sake of presenting my book to you as I had originally wanted.”

With the help of Robert Kessler, the producer of his audio book, Baldwin continued to list numerous grammatical and factual errors, including the spelling of Marilyn Monroe and date inaccuracies.  

Baldwin had previously written that the “editors at HarperCollins were, I imagine, too busy to do a proper and forensic edit of the material.”

He also clarified his mentioning of being “in love” with Megan Mullally (written incorrectly as Megan Mulalley in his post), Kate McKinnon and Tina Fey, writing that he simply meant he was in love with their talent. 

“As a happily married man who wants to stay that way (ahem), I wanted to clarify that,” he wrote. 

HarperCollins had declined to comment on the errors. 

You might want to stick around once the drama clears. Baldwin says he’ll be using the Facebook page to offer personal essays on film, politics, acting roles and other chapters of his life he feels the book overlooked. 

Meghan Giannotta