The Locker Room Gallery’s ‘New York Women in Art’ installation opens to the public in Lower Manhattan

Photo: Mara Catalan

In celebration of International Women’s Day, The Locker Room will debut its new art gallery show on March 8. 

This month-long exhibition, “New York Women,” an all-femme-identifying artist residency, is in partnership with Creatively to help creatives display their art and provide a way to network with fellow artists. The nightly event will include artist talks, film screenings, live performances and more! 

This year, the curator Samara Bliss and founder of The Locker Room invited artists around Brooklyn to inspire one another and create art that speaks to what it means to be a New York woman in the post-isolation era. The featured artists will be Amanda Mehl, Innua Anna Maria, Kalina Winters, Manuela Viera Gallo, Mara Catalan, Rachel Van Der Nacht, Winnie Cheung and more. 

The gallery will be located at 138 Mulberry St., 3rd Floor, from March 8 to 29, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.