Saying that the passage of time has allowed her "to speak my truth," Jennifer K. "Kaya" Thompson has revealed herself as Jane Doe No. 2 in a 2005 lawsuit brought against Bill Cosby over alleged sexual assaults involving 14 women.

"It's come to my understanding that there's greater credibility for my testimony with a full name and an image," Thompson, 44, who had partially come forward as "Jena T." in November told People magazine.

While she is not a party to a lawsuit against Cosby filed by Tamara Green -- the former Jane Doe No. 1 -- and two other women claiming Cosby's representatives defamed them in published comments, Thompson said, "I want to stand up and support others."

Thompson, who told People of an unwanted sexual encounter at Cosby's New York City home in the late 1980s, said she hopes "to feel relief. There are great costs to this kind of experience. . . . My ultimate hope would be for him to 'come clean,' admit his weakness, attempt to rectify where he has harmed so very many . . . and maybe even have a chance for redeeming his own soul/karma as well."