Mayor Bill de Blasio has faced some tough questions during his time as mayor, but Larry Wilmore had another one for him: "What color is this dress?"

De Blasio appeared on Wilmore's "The Nightly Show" on Monday, discussing both serious topics (his relationship with police) to lighter (if he had picked up the family's dry cleaning). For the record, de Blasio said (uncertainly) The Dress is blue and green.

"How's that beef with police?" Wilmore asked de Blasio. De Blasio said there has been "a lot of work getting people on a better page." As for de Blasio's controversial comments about speaking to his son, Wilmore said "if you have to have the talk with your son about police, you have a black son."

De Blasio, for his part, said they had addressed these concerns while he was running for mayor. "It's not a comment that is disrespectful to police, we we deeply respect our police, we need our police to protect us, but it's a comment that refers to our history and some things we need to work out."

Wilmore used his opening monologue to give some backdrop to his national viewers about what is going on in NYC. He addressed manspreading, which he said he was "torn" on. "Part of this town's charm was its lawless style and rough edges, but on the other side, a lot of people got murdered," Wilmore said. "Back then, the reason the guy next to you was taking up too many seats was because he had been freshly murdered."

Wilmore addressed de Blasio's and Cuomo's relationship, asking "when you're asking for funds, do you feel like the guy on the subway? I'm not here to beg, I'm actually the mayor of a large city." De Blasio laughed and said "that's actually how I do it in Albany."

De Blasio touched on his affordable housing initiatives, universal pre-K and his plan to go after income inequality. They took questions and Twitter from "regular New Yorkers," including a man who said he was homeless. Another question came from an Astoria resident asking about MTA changes, which Wilmore answered. A question came in from Twitter from the mayor's wife, Chirlane McCray, who asked if he had agreed to take home the dry cleaning. De Blasio responded that he was "afraid" to ignore this "order," to which Wilmore said "so what you're saying is, Black Wives Matter?"

In the end, though, it all came down to The Dress. When asked about the colors, de Blasio stared at it ("Take your time, Mr. Mayor") and then uncertainly "blue ... and green?" Okay, sure. Wilmore credited him for not picking a standard answer, telling him he "kept it 100," or 100% honest.