Bill Murray’s best: ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Rushmore,’ ‘Lost in Translation’ and more

Eight Bill Murray films to see instead of “Rock the Kasbah”

While the latest Bill Murray film left a bad taste in our mouth, the actor still has a career of fine films that you should watch instead. Here are eight of his best:

‘Caddyshack’ (1980)

Murray plays crazy groundskeeper Carl Spackler who takes on some gophers.

‘Stripes’ (1981)

Murray had a memorable turn as a cabdriver turned soldier in this Ivan Reitman comedy.

‘Ghostbusters’ (1984)

Murray and Reitman reunite for this ghost-fighting classic.

‘Groundhog Day’ (1993)

Murray’s Phil relives the same day over and over again.

‘Kingpin’ (1996)

Murray perfectly plays the bad boy bowling villain Big Ern.

‘Rushmore’ (1998)

Murray’s career gets a reboot in this Wes Anderson film where he plays the foil to Jason Schwartzman.

‘Lost in Translation’ (2003)

Murray got his only Oscar nom for this drama about a past-his-prime movie star in Tokyo.

‘Zombieland’ (2009)

It might just be a cameo, but Murray’s role in this film is unforgettable.

Scott A. Rosenberg