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Brandy sings on the subway; learns NYC is a rough place

Watch: Brandy sings on the subway, learns NYC is a tough town

The subway is a rough place to get some compliment--or even noticed. Just ask Brandy.

Everyone knows the subway rules: Don't pay attention, don't even make eye contact.

Since Brandy Norwood has been in NYC since April, it's a little surprising that she learned this the hard way. The singer posted a video on her blog of a social expierment: She sang a Whitney Houston song on the subway dressed in a hoodie with big sunglasses and a camera, but nobody noticed her song.

"I just gave that my all and nobody said nothing!" Brandy said after no one even looked up from her song. "People in New York are very rude. Like oh my god."

On her blog, Brandy posted "Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!"

After deciding to call her mom for support (but being denied, since we all know there's no service on the subway), Brandy asked a nearby passenger. He helpfully told her that she needed to "go up and sell yourself," and she shouldn't be afraid."

"You've got a cold city, this is a warm city, ready to embrace you, but you need to engage people," he said. "We've seen this a million times, you've got to do something different."

Brandy moved to NYC in April to star in "Chicago." She is set to wrap up her run in August, and she said she took to singing on the subway to "REALLY experience" NYC.


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