It’s a time of change for Allison Williams.

The 28-year-old New Yorker is starring in the horror movie “Get Out” by Jordan Peele — her first feature film — and has started to move on from playing Marnie on “Girls,” now in its sixth and final season on HBO.

We recently caught up with the star to chat about her new movie, her beloved dog, Moxie, and those new blonde locks.

What did you think when you first read the “Get Out” script?

I was so thrilled. ... I feel like we haven’t yet had a movie like this and we’re kind of due for one that’s going to kind of give the conversation about race a new breath of life and hopefully a new avenue through which to have that conversation, maybe a little more easily, kind of grease the wheels, so to speak. I just wanted to be part of that. I wanted to be part of a project that takes that on, and with the authority and clarity and point of view of Jordan.

It’s tricky to explain this film without spoilers. Was it hard to keep it under wraps while filming?

It quickly became this dream project that I couldn’t describe to anyone in my life. Very strange. Very hard to pin down. It’s hard to succinctly explain what on earth it is that I was going to be doing [on set in Fairhope, Alabama] to my family and friends.

What are your favorite horror or thriller films?

I really love “Rosemary’s Baby.” [That] and “The Stepford Wives” were the two movies Jordan made reference to most frequently and I really loved them. ... I love movies with any kind of twist.

You recently Instagrammed a snap of Moxie with a foot injury. Is she OK now?

Moxie is recovering nicely, thank you so much for asking. She is a trooper, and she went back to camp today, so she’s fully recovered.

Back to camp?

She goes to camp. That’s where she got hurt, running in the woods. ... It’s a day camp outside of the city. ... It’s for a couple of hours in the midday area. It’s crazy, but she has a ton of energy, and she is a 65-pound, 2-year-old bundle of excitement, and it is a perfect tool for two working parents with a dog that has a lot going on.

I hear your decision to go blonde was to distance yourself from Marnie.

Yeah, it’s kind of like, I’m trying to reset my own association with myself, just the way I have come to know who I am. So much of my identity has been Marnie. The next couple of years of my life I imagine are going to be about disentangling myself from her and trying to figure out, without part-time being this other person, what’s left.

What do you use to keep it healthy?

I am so obsessive about the health of it. I’m so worried. I thought it was all going to just fall out. I sleep in Olaplex twice a week. That’s the No. 1 thing.