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Allison Williams talks 'Girls,' her dog Moxie and being 'Team Ray'

Allison Williams is a New York girl through and through.

The "Girls" star is freshly back in town from Fairhope, Alabama, where she's been shooting her first feature film, "Get Out."

“I was waiting for the right one, and this was the right one,” Williams said of why the thriller, written and directed by "Key & Peele’s" Jordan Peele, is her first full-length movie.

The 27-year-old got a taste of playing the lead in a special episode of "Girls" airing Sunday, dedicated to her newlywed character, Marnie. "I was very excited about the idea of being able to spend such a sustained amount of time in Marnie’s world," Williams said of the episode, written by Lena Dunham. "It was the most special experience of being able to paint what I hope is a very complete and complicated and interesting picture of Marnie’s life."

We spoke with Williams on her day off from the "Get Out" set, and learned a few things about life in the country, what she misses about New York when she’s out of town and of course talked about her adorable pooch (and Instagram celebrity) Moxie.

Here's what we learned about the "Girls" star.

She and Moxie love the country life

Williams said she's fallen
Photo Credit: Allison Williams via Instagram

Williams said she's fallen "deeply in love" with the Deep South.

"It's very beautiful down here. There's a lot of space and room to think and breathe ... and grass." And Moxie, her ridonkoulously cute golden retriever she adopted a year ago, seems to feel the same. "She's absolutely loving her life in the country," Williams said. "I worry she's going to picket and revolt [when we return to Manhattan] ... although she's very social and she has a big friend group in New York, and I have a feeling that she'll be very excited to see them."

She loves ABC Kitchen and New York slices

Photo Credit: iStock

"I miss ABC Kitchen a lot," Williams revealed when asked about her favorite NYC restaurant. But the star has simpler cravings, too. "I miss New York slices of pizza ... [my favorite topping] is cheese. I'm plain Jane. Don't mess with a perfect thing, you know?"

She'll miss filming in Brooklyn

Photo Credit: HBO / Mark Schafer

" I will miss the idea of sort of being in New York without actually being in Manhattan," Williams says of the borough, when "Girls" wraps its sixth and final season.

Her favorite neighborhoods are Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights, and she likes "the slight but definitely noticeable decrease in stress and frenetic energy" of the areas. "But also feeling that undying sense of being a New Yorker amidst all of the trees and running paths and bikes and cool coffee shops."

She calls Williamsburg "Brooklyn for beginners," explaining that it "feels a little bit more user-friendly for a very naïve Manhattanite like myself."

She's 'Team Ray'

Fans of
Photo Credit: HBO

Fans of "Girls" passionately belong to one of three teams -- past and present loves of Marnie Michaels: Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), Ray (Alex Karpovsky) and Charlie (Christopher Abbott). When we asked Williams her personal standpoint, she didn't think twice.

"From the very beginning I was Team Ray, but not even necessarily romantically. Just that I think he's really good for her to have in her life. He provides constant reality checks. I think she really respects his perspective, and I think all of his criticisms -- though bountiful -- come from a place of love and respect for her."

What's next? Film? TV? Theater? Another musical?

Photo Credit: HBO

"All of the above ... I want to try everything. But I'm so obsessed with watching movies, watching plays, watching TV shows, that my love and respect for the genre has always kept me from getting involved with projects that I'm worried will taint or tamper with my love for it.

"I'm spoiled by playing someone so complicated and beautifully written as Marnie, under Lena's tutelage, I've really gotten used to sort of poking holes in characters and making sure that they can still hold water.

It's something I love too much to just settle for, but that just means that I may be waiting for a little while."

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.


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