Even the King and Queen like a good bargain every now and then!

While we’re still trying to process Jay Z, 45, and Beyonce, 33, eventually leaving us for Los Angeles, we have some updates on their housing search.

As it turns out, since they haven’t been able to find their perfect home, they’ve decided to rent one. Their new digs, according to TMZ, are costing them $150,000 a month, which, apparently, is a steal. Last time they paid $200,000 a month, but this time around, they worked directly with the owner and scored a deal, according to TMZ.

Sources told TMZ that it’s the same home in posh Holmby Hills the two rented last summer – though, this time, they scored a year-long lease. Apparently, they got tired of living in their Beverly Hills hotel.

As for the house itself? 16,00 square feet, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a  pool… So the two of them and baby Blue Ivy should be justttt fine.